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Literacy Stations
Today I’m going to share some ideas for Spelling Station. This could be used for most grade levels with any list of spelling words.
Spelling Station has always been one of my favorite stations.  In second grade, I have my students complete their work in a spiral notebook that it for Literacy Station activities.  Students could complete these activities on a blank page of paper or on a white board, too.  I’ve also used many of these activities in first grade.  For this station, I do print our list of spelling words each week and put them in a sheet protector. Students take the spelling list, task cards, and their notebook and get to work!
Here are some I Can options for Spelling Station:
  • I can decorate my spelling words. (students are able to use markers and crayons and write their spelling words with block letters, bubble letters, designs, etc.)
  • I can practice my spelling words on a white board.
  • I can write my words using magnets. (This was a popular one in 1st grade)
  • I can use my words in a sentence or a story.
  • I can put my words in ABC order.
  • I can stamp my spelling words. (Another popular option in 1st grade).
  • I can write my words three times.


Would you like a planning template and ideas cheat sheet to help you plan your Literacy Stations? Click HERE to receive your FREE template and ideas page.   Check out past Literacy Station blog posts: Introduction Set-Up
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