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Today I’m going to share my ideas for Writing Station. I have used Writing Station in my first and second grade classrooms. I have also seen this station used in Kindergarten and older grades.
Writing Station will typically be a station with lots of materials. If possible, it’s great to have it at a set desk or table so all of the materials can be accessed and it’s easy to get to.  Currently I do not have a dedicated table or desk.  I house my materials in Sterilite drawers on a bookshelf.  Students come over and get out what they need. I also have a caddy that has markers, crayons, etc that they can take to their seats to use.
Here are materials that I include at my Writing Station:
Markers, crayons, stickers, blank paper, stationary/fancy paper, note cards, envelopes, postcards, letter writing paper, list paper, and comic strip paper.
This picture is from my old 1st grade classroom. I had a designated table area for Writing Station. You can see the drawers and items available for the kids to use.
Here is a table set-up in one of my second grade classrooms…
Here are the I Can ideas for Writing Station:
  • I can write a story.
  • I can write a letter or a card to a friend.
  • I can make a list.
  • I can write an opinion using the opinion prompts.
  • I can write to answer other writing prompt cards.
One of my favorite writing prompt task cards that I use at Writing Station are my Opinion Writing Prompt Cards. Students are able to write their opinion and provide the reasons for multiple prompts.
My kids also love the Would You Rather Opinion Writing Prompt Cards. Here they get to choose which they’d rather do and then give reasons why.


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