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Literacy Stations
Today I’m sharing some ideas for Fluency Station with you. Fluency Station is one of my favorite stations and the kids enjoy it too.  It gives them lots of practice with all of the fluency skills – speed, accuracy, expression, etc.
For a Fluency Station, I highly recommend checking out the Florida Center for Reading Research. They have tons of great activities that can go in a station that are perfect for hitting all of the reading areas including fluency. They are also broken down by grade levels and make it very easy to differentiate.  Some of the activities in my Fluency Station are from FCRR.
Here are the I Can options for Fluency Station:
  • I can read a book out loud to myself using the whisper phone.
  • I can practice the phrase cards (from FCRR).
  • I can practice the build-a-story cards (from FCRR).
  • I can read the reading expression cards (pictured below).
  • I can read the jump rope rhyme cards (pictured below).
My task cards for this station have photos of the activities and items to add a visual to the card.
Here’s one example…
Whisper phones are a must have for Fluency Station. I got mine from Lakeshore Learning. I’m sure other teacher stores sell them and I have also seen some people make them out of PVC pipes.
The jump rope rhyme cards are fun for students to practice at fluency station. They are often familiar rhymes or songs that they have heard, which gives them a chance to focus on speed and expression. I just took some jump rope rhymes and nursey rhymes – typed them up – and printed them on cardstock.  Students can read the card to their partner or read it out loud to themselves using the whisper phone.
The Reading Expression Cards are great for students to practice different characters and trying out different types of expression when reading.  Students pretend they are the character and read the card with the emotion/feeling presented. They really get into this one and it’s fun to see the actors and actresses come out!


Would you like a planning template and ideas cheat sheet to help you plan your Literacy Stations? Click HERE to receive your FREE template and ideas page.   Check out past Literacy Station blog posts: Introduction Set-Up
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