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Literacy Stations
Today I’m going to be sharing some ideas for other Literacy Stations I have used in the past. Most of these I’ve used when I taught first grade and they could also work for Kindergarten. Some of them can also be adapted to work for 2nd grade and up.
Boggle Station: I used this station in first grade and second grade and it was a lot of fun! Great opportunities to practice word building. I did make my own Boggle Chart with foam board and cardstock, but there are many paper options available too. Here are the I Can options for Boggle Station:
  • I can find words on the Boggle Board.
  • I can record my words on my recording sheet.
ABC Station: This station would work very well for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. I had ABC puzzles at this station and alphabet books too.
Here are a few I Can options for ABC Station:
  • I can make a letter booklet.
  • I can put sight word puzzles together.
  • I can put ABC puzzles together.
  • I can practice flashcards.
  • I can read ABC books.
  • I can create my own ABC Book.
Handwriting Station: Another great station for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Handwriting is a skill we were constantly reviewing so having it as a station for review was perfect. For this station, I made sure we had our alphabet with proper letter form available on a page so they could see how the letters were supposed to look.  The Letter Wipe-Off boards were handwriting practice pages that I laminated. Students could trace with a white board marker and then erase when finished.  I had a list of class names at this station so kids could practice writing their friend’s names.  The poems and sentences listed below often fit our story or phonics skill for the week so they were able to work on 2 skills at once. I Can Options for Handwriting Station:
  • I can write my letters on paper with a pencil.
  • I can write my letters on a white board.
  • I can practice letter on the wipe-off boards.
  • I can write the class names on a paper or a white board.
  • I can write the poems or sentences in my best handwriting.
Write the Room Station: I don’t have pictures of this station, but I loved using it in 1st grade because it got the kids up and moving.
Write the Room Station Ideas:
  • I can search for words that have a certain letter in it.
  • I can search for nouns around the room.
  • I can search for short vowels, long vowels around the room.
  • I can fill out the around the room response sheet and write sentences with the words I found.
Listening Station: Another great station for Kinder-2nd grade.  At listening station, you could use cassette tapes or books on CD if you have access to a CD player with multiple headphone option. I’ve also had iPods in a classroom before and iPads and loaded books on CD onto them for the kids to listen to.
Listening Station I Can Options:
  • I can listen to my story.
  • I can talk with my partner about the story when we’re done.
  • I can complete my reading response (draw a picture of my favorite part, write about my favorite part give my opinion of the book, story map, cause/effect, etc).
Making Words Station: Another great station for Kinder – 2nd. I have the Making Words book and have used many of the letters and word options from there.  You could cut up some letters or have some letter tiles available at this station and see how many words the kids can make. The nice thing about this is you can fit the letters you pick to fit the spelling or phonics skill of the week.
Making Words Station Ideas:
  • I can take my letters out of the envelope.
  • I can move the letters around to make words.
  • I can record the words I find on my recording sheet.
  • I can use those words found to create my own sentences or story.
Poetry Station: Poetry station would work with any age group because you can differentiate the poetry material you provide.
Poetry Station I Can Ideas:
  • I can read the poems (poetry books at the station or binder of poems).
  • I can write my own poem.
  • I can illustrate a poem
  • I can compare and contrast two poems.


Would you like a planning template and ideas cheat sheet to help you plan your Literacy Stations? Click HERE to receive your FREE template and ideas page.   Check out past Literacy Station blog posts: Introduction Set-Up
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