Literacy Stations – Informational Station Ideas

Literacy Stations
Today I’m going to share some ideas for an Informational or Nonfiction Station.
These ideas I have created or compiled from research, Pinterest, blogs, etc.
Here are the I Can options for Informational Text Station:
  • I can read a nonfiction book.
  • I can look for text features in the book and fill out the text feature page (tons of options on TPT and Pinterest with different text feature pages).
  • I can write a report about a topic I read about.
  • I can write a newspaper article about a topic I read about.
  • I can write interview questions to interview someone about a topic I read about.
  • I can write 4 facts or more that I learned from the book.
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Would you like a planning template and ideas cheat sheet to help you plan your Literacy Stations? Click HERE to receive your FREE template and ideas page.   Check out past Literacy Station blog posts: Introduction Set-Up
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