Differentiation in Writing Workshop – Tip #10 – Student Created Goals

Writing Workshop

My last tip for differentiation in Writing Workshop has to do with goals – but this time – student created.

Lucy Calkin’s Units of Studies has specific lessons geared towards students coming up with their own goals.  There are checklists, mini-lesson ideas, etc.  You can do this without Units of Study too.  First, come up with a few areas that you have been focusing on. For example, sequencing, adding details, staying focused on a small moment, etc. Create a little checklist with those items on it.  Students will then take the checklist and their writing piece and work with a partner. They can read the story to each other and go through the checklist marking areas that they are doing well with and areas they need to work on. From there have each child pick one area that they want to focus on as their current writing goal.


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