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Writing Workshop

I’m so excited to share with you a new blog series that I’m starting called Differentiation in Writing Workshop. I am very passionate about teaching Writing Workshop and have been teaching it my entire career in grades first through third. Through the years, trainings, and books, I have come up with some ways you can differentiate Writing Workshop in your classroom to reach all learners.

Here is what the series will include:

  • How to use writing pre-tests
  • Mini-lessons to fit your class’s needs
  • Choice in paper and topics
  • Effective ways to use a mid-workshop interruption
  • Word walls
  • Editing checklists – differentiated
  • Anchor charts
  • Strategy cards as a differentiation tool
  • Individual conferences
  • Students creating their own goals.

Check back Thursday for a new post in the series about how to use writing pre-tests to help differentiate Writing Workshop for your students.

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