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The four components of my Math Rotations are Teacher Time, Seat Work, Tech Time, and Game. Today’s post is brief and will share a few ideas for Tech apps you could use during Tech Time rotation. 

Tech Time Set-Up

The Tech Time rotation is easy to set up and can use apps or math websites you already know about.  You do not have to be a 1-to-1 classroom to do this rotation. Since you have a small group at this station you’ll only need enough iPads, laptops, computers, or Chrome Books for your group size.

App/Website Ideas

Below are a few apps that I have seen used before during rotations. Many of these also have websites. I’m not going to go in to great detail, but wanted to give a few suggestions.  These obviously depend on your grade level, but there are many great math websites out there.

  • IXL – This app is my favorite since you can tailor specific assignments to what you are teaching and can see real time on your computer how kids are doing.  But, it does cost a pretty penny!
  • MobyMax – This has a free and a paid component.  Students will take a math test and then instruction will be differentiated for them based on their results – this can happen in the free version!
  • Math Curriculum Site or App – Students can work on the website or app that goes with the math resource your school has.  Many curriculum resources have computer programs with games or practice for students.
  • Xtra Math – This is free and a great way to build fact fluency skills.
  • Khan Academy – I do not know as much about this one,   but I know some people absolutely love it!

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FREE Math Rotations Planner

Photo of Math Rotation Planning Page for teachers to use to plan out their math block.

Math Rotations can seem a little overwhelming at first especially when you are trying to differentiated to meet the needs of all of your students. To help make this easier, I’ve created this digital or printable planning sheet that you can use to plan out your whole rotation for the day – standards, mini-lesson, rotation activities, and differentiated small group activities. This is a FREEBIE that you can sign up for HERE. Happy math planning!

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