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Today’s blog post focus is on classroom management tips for Math Rotations.  For rotations to run smoothly, classroom management needs to be strong so that students know what is expected of them and can do their rotations independently.  A lot of this comes from how you set-up your Math Rotations which I talked about it my last post.  Below are some additional tips for managing Math Rotations…

Management Board:

There are a variety of management board options out there for Math Rotations/Stations and this is an important aspect of managing rotations.  Students need to clearly know where they are supposed to go and what they are supposed to do. I use the management board below. Each rotation is clearly listed, partnerships are clearly listed, and the activity is listed.  Teacher Time and Seat Work are both typically run by an adult, which is why there isn’t more information there.  Students know by looking at it what they are supposed to do on the iPads and what game they are playing for the game time.  Rotations rotate clockwise and always have so students get used to moving from station to station in the same order each day.

Management Board example


If you are like me, you lose track of time easily especiallyduring small group time. I use the timer on my phone to help keep me ontrack.  Each day my rotations range from10-15 minutes long so the timing changes daily, but the timer keeps me on trackso I don’t spend too long with one group and not enough time with another.

Timer from iPhone

Wireless Doorbell:

I have done an entire blog post on my love for this wireless doorbell and this is another time I use it.  The chime or doorbell sound is what signals my students to rotate.  I don’t need to say anything; I just push the button on the remote, the chime sounds, and the kids rotate.  Now this is something to practice and model when you are introducing rotations, but after a while it should become second nature.

Picture of Wireless Doorbell

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Those are three quick tips to help manage rotations.  If you missed my past posts from my MathRotations Blog Series, click below…

FREE Math Rotations Planner

Photo of Math Rotation Planning Page for teachers to use to plan out their math block.

Math Rotations can seem a little overwhelming at first especially when you are trying to differentiated to meet the needs of all of your students. To help make this easier, I’ve created this digital or printable planning sheet that you can use to plan out your whole rotation for the day – standards, mini-lesson, rotation activities, and differentiated small group activities. This is a FREEBIE that you can sign up for HERE. Happy math planning!

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