Double Digit Addition and Subtraction

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My kiddos had struggled a lot with double digit addition and subtraction. Some had learned the straight algorithm, but had no idea what they were doing or why they were doing it, and some were trying to draw 44 circles and 23 circles and then count them all up one by one.  So…I decided we needed some strategies.  We started with straightforward double digit addition and subtraction – no borrowing, no regrouping.  We worked on 3 strategies.  One each day as to not overwhelm students. After exposing them to each strategy and letting them practice each one, they got to choose the strategy that worked best for them.  We worked on place value, empty number line, and break apart.  After we went over these, they really started to get the hang of it and problems weren’t taking 8 hours to solve like the drawing 44 and 23 circles :-).

Here are two anchor charts we made to document our strategies.

This week we’ll be tackling regrouping.  I plan to go back to these strategies and also have some fun games that I bought from Amy Lemon’s Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Games pack added in for practice.
Hope everyone enjoys the day off!
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