Story Problem Tip #1


Every Tuesday during the month of September I’ll be sharing tips for using story problems in your classroom. While these story problems are often dreaded for most children, they are such an important part of math and a practical real-world application.  So, it’s important that they practice them and that they hopefully become less dreaded in the process.  Here’s tip #1 for how I make them less dreaded…

Use student’s names in your story problems. Kids love being included. Especially if you can include a hobby or something you know they are interested in.  We do weekly (every Friday) story problems in my class.  I use my student’s names in the story problems. They always get excited to see who the story problem is about! It’s also fun to put in interests and real-life things for them.  The more excited they are to start, the more excited they’ll be to solve it!

Check back next Tuesday for my second story problem tip!

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