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Adding 4 Numbers – 2.NBT.6

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 Last week we spent a lot of time practicing adding four numbers. We started with single digit numbers.  Then, we added in some small double digit with the single digit numbers. Then, we went for it – and mixed single and double digit numbers of any size.  The kids did a wonderful job with this and I was so excited to see them using the strategies we had been working on with addition – looking for combos of 10, doubles, place value, empty number line, and break apart. My kiddos that get break apart have taken it and run with it – and I love it! These are the moments that teachers live for – seeing kids take strategies you’ve taught and seeing them apply to it to other situations! I’m so proud of them. 

Anyways, for some of activities that I used with my class – I have created a TPT item in my store – Adding 4 Numbers Activities.  Check it out here

Adding 4 Numbers - 2.NBT.6
And, here’s some kiddos working on they’re Roll and Add Game found in my TPT pack above.

And, here’s an example of the Story Problems included…
Be sure to check out my Adding 4 Numbers Packet in my TPT store!  Thanks!

Feeling the Love

Why I Teach

Yesterday I was feeling the love at school. I love how second graders are at the age where they are independent, but they still love school and love their teacher. Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive 3 beautiful creations from students.  See below…

A beautiful and labeled pumpkin for Halloween

Another sweet note

And my favorite – Woody is one of the newer students in my classroom and he wrote me a story titled “Ms. Veenstra the Princess.”  It goes like this – The princess was sad. She was sad because she wanted to have a student named Woody. And one day one went there. And they were happy together. The end.
These moments and little gifts like this remind you why you go into teaching. And, on a long week like this with conferences and Halloween, it is just what I needed. I love how sweet my kiddos are and they are too funny sometimes with the things they come up with!

And this is why I teach….

Bucket Filling, Why I Teach

It’s been a bit of a challenging year, but on Friday, I was reading through the bucketfilling slips that my sweet first graders had written me and I came across these two gems.  Kids are so cute and loving at this age and every once in awhile it’s good to look at these little types of notes and remember why I got into teaching in the first place.

Miss V – You chechen (teaching) us.
Who doesn’t love a sweet note like this?
Also, here is an anchor chart my first graders and I came up with explaining what a bucket filler and what a bucket dipper look like.  This anchor chart is hung over by the bucket filling area as a reminder.