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New Bucket Filling Bulletin

Back to School, Bucket Filling, Classroom Set-Up

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I’m now using bright colors as my classroom color scheme. Since I’m ditching the purple/orange Suns colors, I also needed to update my Bucket Filling Display.  I’m not in my classroom yet, but I’ve put everything together so all I need to do is hang it up.  See my plan below.
Also, to see how I use Bucket Filling in the classroom check out this post from a few years ago here.
Ribbon to hang the Ziploc bags (buckets) on with the clothespins.
Clothespins to put on the ribbon that will hold the Ziploc bag (bucket). Love, love, love these stripes!

And, the new Bucket Filling sign.

I’ll post again once I actually have it up in the room.  Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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Bucket Filling – Year 2

Bucket Filling

Bucket filling is one of my favorite class activities. It is such a great way to promote kids complimenting each other and looking for the positive.  See more on my old bucket filling post from last year here

This year, I’ve again used the baggies as buckets and so far it’s worked great. We also read the story and came up with ways to be bucket fillers and ways to be bucket dippers.  We decided as a class to all be bucket fillers. And, as you can see by the full buckets below, we’re already off to a great start!

Love full buckets!!

Anchor Chart about being bucket fillers instead of being bucket dippers.
Ziploc bag to hold extra bucket filling slips!

And this is why I teach….

Bucket Filling, Why I Teach

It’s been a bit of a challenging year, but on Friday, I was reading through the bucketfilling slips that my sweet first graders had written me and I came across these two gems.  Kids are so cute and loving at this age and every once in awhile it’s good to look at these little types of notes and remember why I got into teaching in the first place.

Miss V – You chechen (teaching) us.
Who doesn’t love a sweet note like this?
Also, here is an anchor chart my first graders and I came up with explaining what a bucket filler and what a bucket dipper look like.  This anchor chart is hung over by the bucket filling area as a reminder.

Bucket Filling

Bucket Filling

I love, love, love bucket filling! This is my first year doing it with my first graders and it has been fantastic.  On Monday, we read two bucket filling books

We read this book first and discussed what it meant to have an invisible bucket.
Then, we read this book and discussed what it meant to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper. As a class, we then made an anchor chart coming up with examples of both bucket filling and bucket dipping. We spent a lot of time talking about how we’d rather be bucket fillers than bucket dippers.
After reading the two books and coming up with our anchor chart, the kids had a chance to fill out two bucket filling slips.  They were so excited.  While I was walking around the classroom monitoring, I was so excited and so happy to see the nice, positive comments the kids were writing to each other.  Since this was our first week doing bucket filling, I provided 5-10 minutes each day for the kids to write to two kids. We really focused on trying to write to someone new each day.  Then, on Friday, we handed out each child’s bucket filling slips and the kids got to read them and take them home.
Below you will see a picture of the bucket filling bulletin.  I debated how to set-up the buckets and through some collaboration with other fantastic teacher at my school and my teacher candidate, settled on the picture below.  There is a clothespin for each kid, but instead of them hooking it on the clothespin, they just drop it in the bag.  It worked super well and I’m excited to see all of the kind things the kids come up with this week!
The whole bulletin.
A closer look