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Mental Math Ideas – 2.NBT.8

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Here’s one of the packets I’ve had waiting in my TPT file to finish and update with picture of my kids in action.  This TPT packet focuses on the math standard – 2.NTB.8 – Mental math adding and subtracting 10 and 100 from any number 0-999.  We did this lesson later in the year which I debated was the right timing.  However, I’m glad I waited.  By April/May, my kids had a stronger foundation with number sense for 3 digit numbers so they had an easier time understanding that the only number changing is either in the tens or hundreds spot depending on if you are adding or subtracting by 10 or 100. 
Here are some pictures of my kids playing the Mental Math +/- 10 Bingo. They had a great time playing!

Here’s another game in my Mental Math Packet.  This game is called “Solve It.” Students flip over a number card.  Then, students flip over a +/- card that tells them to either add or subtract 10 or 100 to the number. Then, students record the number sentence on the recording sheet and solve the problem using mental math.

Here’s my pack on TPT – Be sure to check it out – Mental Math Practice
Mental Math Practice - 2.NBT.8
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What If Story Prompts….

Literacy Stations, TPT, Writing
One of my favorite writing activities that I always do at the end of the year are my What If Story Prompts. By this point in the year we’ve covered the writing standards and the kids need a little fun and creativity.  So, instead of having them on boring index cards like normal, I finally typed them up and added some spiffy backgrounds.

To see how I’ve used these in the past, click here.

See product examples below…



 Be sure to check it out in my TPT store, here.
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Arrays – FREEBIE!

Math, Task Cards, TPT
I began teaching arrays this week to my kiddos and they have been loving it. Some have already figure out how it’s connected to multiplication and basically is multiplication and others…. well we’re not there yet.
Since we are doing arrays, we have had a lot of practice with creating them from knowing the rows and columns and identifying the arrays.  I decided I wanted them to also have some practice creating an array from that repeated addition sentence.  So I created this “Creating Arrays” task card set that can be found for free in my TPT store.  16 task cards are included that have the repeated addition sentence on it. Students can then build the array with tiles, cubes, whatever you have and then record their results on their recording sheet.
Here’s a peek at it…

Grab you freebie here!
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Learning About Line Plots

Math, TPT
Last week, we spent the whole week learning about line plots.  This was a new one for me being new to 2nd grade and I loved it! I created all of the lessons we did and tried them out last week in my classroom.  Check all of these out in my new TPT packet – Learning About Line Plots.  On Monday, we started by learning the basics of line plots and only focused on reading a line plot and answering questions from it. 
On Tuesday, we looked at a tally chart, created the line plot from the tally chart, and answered questions. 
On Wednesday, we completed the whole group project practice in my TPT packet.  Students each measured their shoe to the nearest inch. 

Then, they wrote down their measurement on a post-it note and stuck it to the board. 
We then grouped the information together and created a class line plot. 
 After creating the line plot, we talked about some different questions and answers using the line plot.
Then, on Thursday and Friday, we started the line plot project.  Students measured 10 different school supplies to the nearest inch and recorded their results.

Next, students created a line plot from their measurement results.
And, when they finished their line plots they answered questions using their line plot information.

Check out all of these activities in my Learning About Line Plots packet on TPT. 
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Anchor Charts, TPT

One thing I noticed this year that I hadn’t seen before, is that my students have struggled with contractions.  Not only did they not know what word made up a contraction, they didn’t understand what it was, and couldn’t read them either. They often guessed on contractions or ended up saying the two words that made it up – or the two words that they thought made it up.

So….on to contraction practice.

We started by watching a Brainpop Jr video about contractions. Brainpop is a great way to introduce or review concepts.  Gives kids a chance to hear the same information you are telling them, but from fun, animated characters.

After watching Brainpop, we created this anchor chart to show what a contraction was and to also list examples. They helped me put this chart together.

Next, we played Contraction Memory. This game can be found in my new TPT pack called Contraction Action.

Here are some pictures of the kids in action – sorry it’s turned weird….

Next, they completed Contractions Around the Room, which is also in my new TPT Pack.  I love Around the Room – gets them up and moving and they find it entertaining since they’re not just sitting there.

We then did I Have, Who Has – also in my packet, but I didn’t get a chance to get pictures since I was playing too.  Be sure to check out my new TPT packet- Contraction Action in my TPT Store.

Contraction Action
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Two Products In One Day….

Phonics, TPT
So like many bloggers and TPT sellers I have about 10 projects in my folder that I’m still working on.  But, crazy enough I got two finished and posted today.

One, is my Nouns Around the Room, which I blogged about in my earlier blog post.

The other is I Have, Who Has with oi and oy Words.  My kids love I have, who has.  And, I mean love, love, love it.  It’s such a fun quick game that gets everyone involved and moving and it’s a great review.  So, here’s one I created for words with oi and oy.  This can be great phonics and/or spelling practice.  Check out in my TPT store here

I Have, Who Has Phonics - oi and oy words
Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I’m off to go watch some more March Madness even though my bracket isn’t looking too pretty…

Learning About Nouns

Anchor Charts, TPT, Writing

In addition to a review of verbs, we also reviewed nouns mainly focusing on singular and plural nouns and how to make a singular noun plural.  We also discussed the irregular nouns and how more than one tooth isn’t tooths….which is always a hard one for them to understand, but after this chart and activity I think we’re getting there.

We started by making an anchor chart together.

Then, after some whole group practice with nouns the kids worked on Nouns Around the Room.  Nouns Around the Room can be found in my TPT store here.  There are 24 different noun questions ranging from – which word is the noun, make this singular noun plural, and is this word a noun? 
The kids had a great time completing this activity and really showed that they have nouns down.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Be sure to visit my TPT store here and grab Nouns Around the Room!

Learning About Verbs

Anchor Charts, Language, TPT, Writing

This week we spent two days working on verbs.  The first day we reviewed verbs (my kiddos keep getting confused on verbs, nouns, etc) and we started talking about verb tenses.  In second grade, the language standard focuses on students being able to use irregular verb tenses – made, swam, ran, etc. The CCSS standard is L2.1.

First, we created an anchor chart together.  We reviewed what a verb was and came up with some examples. Then, we used a mini tree map to practice changing the tenses of the verbs.

After creating our anchor chart, the kids went on a verb hunt using picture books. They each could pick a book of their choice and then they had to read each sentence, find the verb, and write the verb in their verb circle map.

Then, on day 2, came the fun interactive activity. I created a Verbs – Around the Room Activity for students to complete. There were 24 cards. Some asked questions on identifying the verb, some on changing a verb to a different tense, and some cards ask what tense the verb was in. This provided more practice on regular and irregular verbs and it is now available in my TPT store.  Check it out here

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Be sure to check out Verbs Around the Room in my store!

March Currently and Measurements Task Cards

Math, Task Cards, TPT

Hard to believe today is the first day of March.  Feels like February flew by.  Here’s hoping the next 63 days of school fly by too.  I’m definitely in spring fever mode and ready for summer!  Since it is March, I’m linking up with Farley for March Currently.  Be sure to link up with Farley at her blog Oh’ Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I’m catching up on my Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on DVR.  Anyone else love watching this drama?  I know these shows are bad for you, but they are pretty entertaining.
Loving: Wow, what a great sale TPT had.  I know I stocked up on a number of things and am excited to start creating some new products with them.
Thinking: I need to start spring cleaning. I don’t want to do spring cleaning, but I need to.  I brought home all of my reading files and am hoping to organize them into binders and clean out the stuff I haven’t used in years.  Here’s hoping I get this project going today.
Wanting: More time in the day. I know everyone wants this, but I’ve been feeling pulled lately. I have lots of things I want to get done and good intentions of getting them done then time and other things get in the way.
Needing: I have to get back on track with working out. I have good starts and then those taper off. My goal is to get going this weekend and start March off on a good foot.
Answer: try to figure out the question that goes along with my answer – Dulce de Leche.
And…I finally have a new product in my TPT store.  I used these Comparing Measurements Task Cards with my kids during our measurement unit and it worked perfectly.  It was hands on, had them measuring actual items in the classroom, and then comparing those measurements.  I also love that student choice is involved. Students got to pick 4 task cards and they could choose which ones they wanted to complete. Here are a few pictures of them working on measurement:

Check out my Comparing Measurements Task Cards in my TPT store, here.
Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of March!

Adding 4 Numbers – 2.NBT.6

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 Last week we spent a lot of time practicing adding four numbers. We started with single digit numbers.  Then, we added in some small double digit with the single digit numbers. Then, we went for it – and mixed single and double digit numbers of any size.  The kids did a wonderful job with this and I was so excited to see them using the strategies we had been working on with addition – looking for combos of 10, doubles, place value, empty number line, and break apart. My kiddos that get break apart have taken it and run with it – and I love it! These are the moments that teachers live for – seeing kids take strategies you’ve taught and seeing them apply to it to other situations! I’m so proud of them. 

Anyways, for some of activities that I used with my class – I have created a TPT item in my store – Adding 4 Numbers Activities.  Check it out here

Adding 4 Numbers - 2.NBT.6
And, here’s some kiddos working on they’re Roll and Add Game found in my TPT pack above.

And, here’s an example of the Story Problems included…
Be sure to check out my Adding 4 Numbers Packet in my TPT store!  Thanks!