Learning About Line Plots

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Last week, we spent the whole week learning about line plots.  This was a new one for me being new to 2nd grade and I loved it! I created all of the lessons we did and tried them out last week in my classroom.  Check all of these out in my new TPT packet – Learning About Line Plots.  On Monday, we started by learning the basics of line plots and only focused on reading a line plot and answering questions from it. 
On Tuesday, we looked at a tally chart, created the line plot from the tally chart, and answered questions. 
On Wednesday, we completed the whole group project practice in my TPT packet.  Students each measured their shoe to the nearest inch. 

Then, they wrote down their measurement on a post-it note and stuck it to the board. 
We then grouped the information together and created a class line plot. 
 After creating the line plot, we talked about some different questions and answers using the line plot.
Then, on Thursday and Friday, we started the line plot project.  Students measured 10 different school supplies to the nearest inch and recorded their results.

Next, students created a line plot from their measurement results.
And, when they finished their line plots they answered questions using their line plot information.

Check out all of these activities in my Learning About Line Plots packet on TPT. 
Hope everyone is having a great Teacher Appreciation Week!

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