Verbs, Verbs, and More Verbs


Today I’m going to share some ideas with you for how I teach verbs in the classroom.  Verbs is a typical grammar skill that I know is taught in most primary classrooms – so most of this info will be applicable to K-3.

I love using Brainpop Jr video clips as a way to introduce content – especially grammar skills. Brainpop Jr has video on verbs and one on verb tenses.  When I introduced verbs we just watched the verbs video.  Afterwards, since I teach second grade and know most of my students had worked with verbs before, I had students create their own circle map of verbs.  I challenged them to come up with 20 or more verbs on their circle map.  Once they finished that, I gave each student two small post-it notes. I asked them to pick their two best verbs and write one on each note.  Then, they came up and put it on our whole class verbs circle map. I like having anchor charts be interactive and this was a way for everyone to participate.

Since they have a good understanding of verbs we next played Act It Out – Verbs. This is a FREEBIE in my TPT store. This is pretty much verb charades.  Students pick out a card and act out the verb. The rest of the class has to guess the verb they are acting out. They had a blast doing it and have been requesting to play it again. This is great because it gets kids up and moving – and kids can always use movement!

Next up and the large focus in second grade, we were going over verb tense agreement.  We again started by watching a Brainpop Jr video and discussing what the different tenses were – past tense, present tense, and future tense. I then created a tree map (no picture unfortunately) with three branches – one branch for each tense. Then, the kids and I came up with some verbs and modified them for each tense. We practiced regular verbs and irregular verbs.

Then, we worked on my Verbs Around the Room Activity. I normally do this as an Around the Room activity, but due to timing it was easier to do it on the white boards.  This is available in my TPT Store.

I also have two more verb activities to show you.  Grammar Fix It – Verb Tense Agreement provides students practice not only picking the correct verb tense, but also fixing capitals, end marks, and apostrophes.

And, I’m super excited to show you my newest TPT product.  Verb Tense Printables are super easy to use – just print and go! They work as formative assessments or independent practice. The printables could be used whole group, small group, in a literacy station, or for independent work.  I have two different printables.  One provides practice changing the verb tenses.  The second practice option has students choose the correct word/verb tense to complete the sentence.

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