Grammar Fix It – Capitals and End Marks

Here are a few ideas for how to review end marks in your classroom.  And, I have a new product posted at the end that I’m super excited to show you.  It covers capitalization and end marks.
First, we watched the Brainpop Jr movie on end marks and then created this chart as a class. Students helped me create the examples of each type of sentence.
Then, the next day, students created their own sentences for their Morning Message.
And, lastly students worked on Grammar Fix Its in groups during our Morning Meeting activity. Grammar Fix Its provide quick practice on different grammar skills. The first pack has capitalization, end marks, and a set with both.  These can be worked on whole group, small group, with a partner, or independently. It would be perfect for Around the Room or for an activity for a grammar literacy station.  I like to think of it as an updated version of DOL without the extensive drill and kill, repetitious practice.  
These pages are printer friendly and offer two printing options.  The pages can be printed 8.5×11 or I have another set that offers four to a page.
How do you review capitals and end marks with your students? I’m always looking for new ideas to change things up! Leave your ideas in the comments.

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