Teaching Time to the Hour and Half Hour

I taught 2nd grade last year for the first time.  While they were supposed to already know how to tell time to the hour and half hour, I found out through assessment that many of my kids could not do that. So, time for reteaching.  I created this packet, now available on TPT to help my kiddos and yours figure it out.  This packet would actually work great for first grade as it covers 1.MD.3, but for those second or even third grade kiddos that need review, this packet is for them as well.

Find the packet, here.

Here what is included…

What Time of Day? – This helps kids practice differentiating between AM/PM.

What’s the Time – kids had to read the time on the analog clock and record it. This covers time to the hour.

Pick 4 – Students pick a time and have to draw that time on their blank clock.  Works great as a mini assessment.

Show Me the Time – Students pick a time and then have to model it on their clock.

What's the Time? - Beginning - 1.MD.3 
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