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It’s that time of year for many schools, teachers, and students – the dreaded standardized test! We don’t use Common Core at my school and I teach at a private school, but we still have a standardized test that we take at the end of the school year – the CTP4.

The week or two leading up to the test I like to review especially our math skills from the entire year! I wanted to make it fun for the kids and to keep it interesting so I decided to first break each area down. I decided to focus on a different strand/topic/whatever your school calls it each day.

So, the first day I reviewed place value.  For place value, I created a Place Value Around the Room.  It is in my TPT store…here


This Place Value Around the Room covers writing numbers in standard, word, and expanded form, adding numbers using expanded notation, being able to read a place value model and draw a place value model, and comparing numbers (using < = >),  This pretty much covers everything we focus on for place value and focused mainly on three-digit to five-digit numbers.

Check out a few of the cards….

What standardized tests do you take at your school? How do you review?  Write your answer in the comments section!

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