Multiplication Math Strategies

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Introducing multiplication to my class is one of my favorite math units to teach! I love giving them opportunities to explore the different multiplication math strategies and then finding the one that works best for them!

Multiplication Math Strategies:

Below you will see four different multiplication math strategies that your students might use.  Each student will be in a different spot with their math strategies. For example, some students need the concrete/manipulatives and equal groups will be best for them.  Other students might be ready for skip counting or repeated addition.  Students can use a variety of strategies and will move through them at different rates when they are ready. I highly recommend letting them explore these strategies first so they understand the concept of multiplication before having them memorize their multiplication facts.

Equal Groups:

Photo of equal groups strategy - 6 groups of 4 dots

Draw out circles for the number of groups that you have. This problem represents 6 groups of 4. Then, in each group put 4 dots. Then, students will count them. Students can count these in a variety of ways. Some students may count by 1s, 2s, 4s. I recommend having them write the number they are on below each circle to help them keep track. After counting by 2’s, the students came to the answer of 24.


Photo of array strategy - 6 rows with 4 x's

Arrays are another great visual strategy. Again this problem represents 6 groups of 4. In terms of arrays, this means 6 rows of 4. So students will draw out 6 rows of 4 using “x’s.” Then students count the total to find the answer of 24.

Repeated Addition:

Photo of repeated addition strategy - 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4

For repeated addition, students will still need to find the answer for 6 groups of 4. So they start by adding 4 six times. Doubles come into play with this, which can make it easier for students to quickly add up the numbers and come to the answer of 24.

Skip Counting:

Photo of skip counting by 4's

For students who are strong with skip counting it can be a great strategy for multiplication. For 6 x4 – students need to skip count 4 six times – 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.

Multiplication FREEBIE

Picture of multiplication worksheet

Grab these FREE Multiplication Word Problem Practice pages for your students! These are great for homework, formative assessments, independent practice, and more! Click HERE to get your FREEBIE!

Extra Multiplication Practice

If you are interested in more multiplication practice for your students, check out my resources below.

Multiplication Practice Worksheets

Differentiated Multiplication Word Problem Worksheets

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