Ivy + Bean Book Study

My latest book study is on the book Ivy + Bean. I know this is a popular series so I wanted to add this to my book study collection. 

A few people have asked how I use book studies – here’s how I use them.

How I Group for Book Studies:

For book studies, I pair students up based on level and behavior. I tend to have book study groups be between 2-4 students.  More than 4 students gets to be a little hard to manage the group.  I also want at least 2 kids so that they can discuss.  These projects though could be used for an independent activity – so one student is definitely an option.

How I Run Book Studies:
Once I have the students grouped I introduce them to the book we’ll be reading and try to get them excited about it.  This is something I used during literacy stations/small group time.  I let the kids know that this is like a book club and a special club to be a part of.  They will take a break from stations during this time and focus on their book and meeting with me.  Once the expectations are laid out we get started.

I often read the first chapter with the kids.  We take turns reading the pages if they feel comfortable reading out loud.  Then, we review the questions together. We talk about how to use complete sentences and also the importance of giving detailed answers.  I then send them on their own to answer the first questions so I get a sense of where they are at.

The next day I meet with them first thing during groups. We review the set of questions and go over things as needed. Then, I assign them to read the next chapter and do the next set of questions on their own. I tell them can take turns reading pages, read on their own, take turns with paragraphs, etc, but they have to decide together. After reading, they answer the questions together. This way they have a little mini discussion, before we meet. Then, once I know they have had time to work on it, I pull them back to my group and we review and discuss the chapter. 

I have found that my kids love being a part of these book studies. It’s a chance to have a break from stations and to do something that adults and big kids get to do (book clubs).  I really try to make sure when picking books and groups that I pick books that are in their level, but will challenge them. I also pick books that I know will interest them so they stay engaged.

Let me know if you have any other questions about how I run my book study groups. I would love to answer them!

So…without further ado…here is my book study for Ivy + Bean. It is now available in my TPT store.  It includes: book study cover page, questions for each of the 10 chapters, end of the book reflection questions, and answer key.

Sample of the cover page, first chapter questions, and one page of the answer key:

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