Elf in the Classroom – Week #2



Here’s what our classroom elf, Buddy has been up during Week #2 in our classroom.  He’s quite the crazy elf!

The kids were happy to see that Buddy’s leg had healed from last week. Today he was taking it easy and reading a holiday book.  Note to Buddy- don’t sit yourself near our small group table.  Buddy’s chair got bumped a few times and while Buddy kinda fell to the side he picked himself back up when we were out of the room.

Since Buddy was too close to kids and tables he decided to be up high on Day #7 and out of the way – hanging out in one of our snowflake decorations.

The class has been rather loud – especially at transitions, unpacking in the morning, and packing up at the end of the day. Buddy decided to leave them a little visual reminder to be quiet.

Our classroom has been beautifully decorated by our room moms, but Buddy wanted to join in on the fun. He decided to add a post-it note tree to our decor!

Unfortunately since I was out some of this week, I didn’t get a picture of Buddy in action. On Day #10, Buddy got a little hungry after his journey to the North Pole. He helped himself to some of our snacks in the room.

Do you do Elf on the Shelf or Elf in the Classroom?  Would love to hear what other elves have been up to!

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