Elf in the Classroom – Week #1

Last year was my first year using Elf on the Shelf in my classroom and I absolutely loved it! I teach second grade and the kids were so excited to have the elf visit school since many also have their own elf at home.  I found the elf as a great way to keep kids engaged and keep behaviors under control during the crazy weeks that lead up to winter break.  See below to see our Elf’s adventures during the first week…

The kids were so excited to come back from Thanksgiving break and see the elf ziplining in the classroom.  We read the letter that I found in The Primary Journey’s TPT Store. It’s a great intro letter that gets the kids excited about reading the book.  Then, we read the book that came along with our elf.  
After reading the book, we came up with a list of possible names and voted.  Buddy ended up winning! 

After picking Buddy as our name, I introduced the packets from Sunny Day’s Elf Classroom Resources.  It’s a fun way to incorporate writing every day by having the kids write down about the elf’s adventures.
Day 2 – Buddy made a tower, climbed it, and left his mess down below. He leaves a note each day to give the kids advice…
Day 3 – Buddy fell trying to climb down the tower and hurt his leg. Mrs. Claus bandaged him up so he’ll eventually be good as new.  The kids were so worried about his leg!

Our elf on Day #4 tried to be helpful by writing our schedule for the day, however his schedule was different than what I had in mind.  The kids loved it and wished we could’ve done all of the activities. Too bad there isn’t snow in Las Vegas!
As the week’s gone on, the behavior has gotten a little crazier. I’m sure I’m not the only teacher to say that.  Today Buddy was trying to remind everyone about the Clip Chart and hoped that they would join him up on purple on his very own clip!

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