Division Story Problems


This week we began learning about division. My kiddos have done an amazing job! They’re really seeing the connection and relation between multiplication and division.

We’ve spent time practicing and learning the different strategies in the chart below….

And after practicing we worked on more story problems. I love using story problems as a way to practice math operations. I think it’s important for kids to see math in real-life situations and I think for some students it really helps them understand the concept better.
I love seeing all of the different strategies being used while working on their story problems yesterday. Each student has found a strategy that works for them and they are successful using the one they picked.
These story problems are now available in my TPT store – They are titled Division Story Problems.  Check them out! They’re perfect for advanced 2nd graders and really hit the Common Core Standard for third grade – 3.OA.A.3.
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