Creating Multiplication Story Problems

After spending a few weeks on our multiplication unit and solving many multiplication story problems, I decided to let my kiddos try their hand at creating their own. They’re all very creative and come up with very interesting stories, so I thought it would be fun and good practice to let them create their own.
First, we spent time talking about what’s included in a story problem. My students said things like numbers, words, something to solve, a question, etc.  All good things and all necessary. This gave us a good opportunity to go over what is included in a word or story problem and why.
Then, I wrote down two numbers on the board (3 and 4) and had the kids help me create a multiplication story problem with those numbers. One thing I really stressed is reminding them that multiplication is dealing with equal groups. At first, many kids were coming up with problems that would require you to add so we really had to focus on what equal groups meant and how we could make it work.  See our story problem that we came up with below…
Next, it was time for them to try. I had them work on one of my pages from my Create Your Own Multiplication Story Problems packet in my TPT store.  On this page, there are a variety of number choices specifically to provide differentiation. I told students to pick numbers that weren’t too easy for them, but also weren’t too hard for them. I wanted them to choose numbers that would challenge them without stressing them out.  Most of my students did a good job picking numbers that fit their needs.  
After choosing their numbers, they created and solved their own story problems.  Check out there work below…
If you are interested in this product, check it out in my TPT store…here.  It has 6 different printables. Four of the pages have factor options provided for students.  One pages allows students to fill in their own factors.  And, the last page allows students to pick which type of problem they want to create (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or fractions).
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