Compare and Contrast – Part 1

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This week in first grade we started tackling the Common Core Reading Standard – 1.RL.9 – Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.  To start teaching this standard, I decided to use real life objects to get the kids used to comparing and contrasting before we started using text for our comparisons.  On the first day, we talked about the definitions of compare and contrast and things you could compare and contrast – people, books, movies, characters, TV shows, food, etc.  Then, we looked at a SmartBoard file with a picture of two cats. The kids had to discuss things that were similar about the two cats and things that were different. To chart our results we used a double bubble map – see below…

SmartBoard File with Cat Pictures
Double Bubble Map for Comparing and Contrasting Cats
On the second day, we reviewed comparing and contrasting and reviewed the lesson from yesterday. Then, we showed the kids pictures of two dogs.  Again we discussed similarities and differences between the two dogs and reviewed how to set up a double bubble map. After review, the students took the activity a step further and created their own double bubble maps. See examples below…

 SmartBoard File with Dog Pictures
Student Examples:

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