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Story Problems

Place Value Strategy for Problem Solving

Math, Story Problems, TPT

We’ve been working through the story problems in my October Story Problem Packet, which can be found on TPT here.  There are a variety of add to, take from, part/part whole, and multiplication and division problems. We’ve been focusing on the straightforward addition and subtraction problems so far, but this week we’re going to try some of the others.

Here are some of our problems…

Prompt: ___ spiders were hanging from the web.  _____ more spiders crawled over.  How many spiders are in the web now?  Number Choices: (23, 20), (43, 41), (67, 52)



What I love about these is students can choose a number choice that works for them. One that challenges them, but doesn’t challenge them so much they get frustrated.  I also love seeing all of the kids using the place value model to solve their problem. We’ve been doing a lot of review of place value with tens and ones and I’m happy to see them applying it to story problems too.
If you’re interested in some October Story Problems to use in your class, check out my packet on TPT here.

October Story Problems – Now on TPT

Math, Story Problems, TPT

I finished up my second story problem packet called October Story Problems.  This packet has 16 story problems.  There are 4 Add To, 4 Take From, 4 Compare, and 4 Equal Groups.  I used equal groups and compare to up the challenge a bit for kids and classes who are ready for it. In addition to the various problem types, there are three number choices for each problem, which lends to easy differentiation.  I also have two formatting methods. A cute full page with clipart and a half page, which makes for easy copying with limited copy numbers.  See a few pages below and be sure to check it out at my TPT store here.

Be sure to check it out at my TPT store.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Story Problems

Math, Story Problems, TPT

I love teaching story problems.  When I was a kid, I actually despised doing them. Something about seeing words in a math problem freaked me out. Now, after being CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) trained and after using story problems extensively at my old school – I love them! They are a great way to hit multiple Common Core Math Standards and a great way to get kids thinking and sharing their strategies. 

I came up with a Back to School Packet of Story Problems for 2nd graders, which is on Teachers Pay Teachers, here.  This packet could also be used for high first graders or for 3rd graders in need of some interventions.  In this packet, I have 4 story problems for each type of joining problem and 4 story problems for each type of separating problems.  In addition to the 4 story problems, each story problem has 3 presentation choices.  The story problem can be printed with a graphic, with number choices (great differentiation), or on a half sheet to save paper.  This document can be edited so you may change the numbers, names (students love to see their own names in the problems), or the problem. 

Here are a few student samples from this week in my classroom:

For this problem, my student chose to use the 10 frame to help her organize her problem. She put 25 dots on the one side and 10 on the other. Then, she counted by 10’s, 10, 20, 30 and then the 1’s, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.  Nice number sentence too!
This student used the place value model to figure out this problem. I was so excited because we really focused on place value this week.  Most of my kiddos are still stuck on drawing everything out by 1’s so I was excited that this student was ready to move on to place value. She has two tens sticks and 5 ones and then another ten stick. Then, she counted the tens and then the ones and got 35. 
So, here is a little sample of my TPT creation that you can check out here

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!