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Monday Made-It – July 21

Back to School, Classroom Set-Up

I’m linking up with Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics for another Monday Made-It

This week I made a new classroom job chart.  Since I’m going with the bright colors theme I needed a new one to match.  Here are the jobs I included: Star Student, Door Holder, Pencil Pick Up, Clean Up Helper, Lights Helper, Lunch Helper, iPad Helper, Library Helper, Paper Passers, and Next Up (people without a job this week, but will have one the next week).  To make this project I picked up a foam board from JoAnn Fabrics, the blue border from Michael’s, and I already had the pockets from Lakeshore a few years ago (these ones even had sticky stuff on the back which made it super easy to put together).  I then made my labels and my sign and voila – new classroom job chart!

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Monday Made-It – July 14

Back to School, Classroom Set-Up
I’m linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It!
For this Monday Made It, I made a new calendar set for myself. I actually had the same calendar numbers that went with my Phoenix Suns theme (purple/orange) for 7 years and they lasted. Since it’s a new classroom, new school, and new décor (bright colors), I decided it was time for updated calendar numbers. 
I used The 3AM’s awesome backgrounds and frames to make this.  Check out here website here
Here are my new months for the calendar…

Here are my new numbers….
And, here they are on the calendar…

I use the sticky Velcro stuff to change them in and out. It’s worked well over the years and I kept the same blank white calendar so I didn’t want to change it out.
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Monday Made It – July 7

Classroom Set-Up, Organization
I’m linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It. Be sure to link up here!
So, I’ve finally made the teacher toolbox.  And, let me tell you – it wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be.  Once I got the paper size figure out it went pretty quickly and was fun to make.  Here’s how I did it…
First, I purchased the toolbox from Lowe’s. It was $20.  They had two different versions. I decided to go with the one with larger drawers so I could fit more in them.
Then, I picked out my paper. I wanted to go with three colors since there were 3 drawers in each row. I wanted bright, but not too busy so I went with these three below.
Next, I cut the pages. It ended up roughly being 2.25 (a little less) by 4.25.  And, I say roughly. I ended up tweaking them after I cut them to the measurement above. It was a bit of trial and error, but at least I had a general guideline to start with.
Then, I made my labels. I used regular address size Avery labels and then trimmed them.  I decided to make two for – binder clips, index cards, sharpies, and large post-its (I have lots of all of these).  I then made one drawer for each of the following – staples, push pins, paper clips, small post-its, timers, hole punch, glue sticks, tape, and rubber bands.
Last, but not least I put it all together. I used double stick tape to stick the paper inside the drawer.  Now, this is the part that takes the longest.  Some of them fit well, but others once I set them in there were crooked and took a little adjusting. I did find that the double stick tape made it possible to move them a time or two, however it did ruin the paper of one or two of them so I ended up making a few new ones.

A few zoomed in shots…


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It’s Finally Ready!!!! – Classroom Pictures

Back to School, Classroom Set-Up, Organization

I was so glad to see Swimming Into Second’s linky party to Show Off Your Space because as of yesterday at 5:15 pm – my classroom is finished and ready for kiddos on Monday.  Make sure you link up with her – I love getting ideas from everyone!
And in advance, sorry for all of the pictures…I got a little excited about finish and a little carried away with picture taking.

Classroom Library and Math Manipulatives Area

Small Group Table – still a work in progress

Board for Literacy Vocab and Bucketfilling beneath

Clip Chart and Bathroom Pass and Sign-out Area

Supplies for kiddos and the All Star Work Wall

Desks are all grouped into 4. So far 24 students so it works out perfectly!  The folders on the desks will eventually be their privacy folders for test-taking.  On the first day, while I’m taking care of first day things- attendance, supplies, etc – they’ll get to decorate their own privacy folder.

Sorry for the glare in these pictures. I’m keeping my basketball theme and these are the kiddos nametags for their desks.

Desk Supply Caddy – love how clean and organized it looks at the beginning.

Labeled supplies – helps keep everyone organized!

MVP (Student of the Week) Board and Core Learning Skills and Values board (part of Edison school)

Classroom Leaders Board – this is where I have class jobs. Kids can be the leader of clean, leader of lunch, etc.

Student Computer Area – this area needs some work and some replaced screens lol

Teacher Computer Area for Smart Board

Teacher Desk and Area (sorry it’s kinda blurry)

View from my desk

View from the class library

View from the front door

View from the back of the classroom

I Can’s are up and ready for the first day!
Thanks for checking out my pictures – sorry for the multitude of pictures, but had to celebrate finally getting it all done!  Hope everyone has a good weekend! 

Work In Progress – Classroom Update – Day #4

Classroom Set-Up

So, here’s the latest installment of my classroom updates.  Today was the fourth day working in my classroom and I went in ready to be productive and actually was lol.   Funny how putting up a few bulletins and moving the desks makes it seem more like classroom.  Here’s the latest…(again – work in progress)

Lit Station Signs and Reading Bulletin

Math Bulletin for Math Common Core Vocab

Math Stations Signs and the number line that took me forever to get just right.

Don’t mind the messy desk – I still have a lot of cleaning to do.  Calendar area for Math

Another bulletin – Data Wall eventually

Classroom Leaders (class jobs) – Once I get my class list I’ll have student names up here. Makes it super easy to switch jobs each week.

At my new school, they have a number of bulletin board requirements. Since there is only so much wall space I decided to divide this one bulletin I made into 3.  The first one is for MVP (Most Valuable Player) or my version of Student of the Week to fit in with my basketball theme.

All Star Work – clothespins to clip up student work
Reading Common Core Vocab Board and Thinking Maps now posted!

One view of the room from my front door. Finally got my desks grouped where I want them. Again, lots of clutter and stuff, but that’ll be cleaned up by the time kiddos arrive next Monday.

View from the other side of the room

Awesome gift bag door prize that I got at my new benefits meeting.  I got a teacher cart (not pictured) and a bunch of supplies – notebooks, binders, markers, crayons, Expo markers, Kleenex, etc.  I was so excited to win this great door prize.
Hope everyone else had a good Monday!

Monday Made-It – 7/22/13

Classroom Set-Up

I’m linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made-It. 

I’m starting out slow with my school craft projects and am trying to ease back into the whole getting ready for back-to-school, which will be here before we know it.

Over the weekend, I painted the craft sticks that I use to call on students during whole group instruction. I got the idea from Kindertastic.  You paint the craft stick two different colors, so you can put the craft stick back in the cup to be used again, but you know who has already been called on.  I like using sticks to pick students to come up and help or share answers, but I always feel like once you call on them they know they’ve been called on so they sometimes tune out.  Now, I can flip the stick and put it back in.  So, even though they’ve already been called on, they can be called on again and it will help me keep track of who has been called on to make sure things are fair.  Here’s a picture of mine below – I used a bright blue and purple (although the purple didn’t quite turn out in the picture).

Then, once I get my class list I’ll print their names on labels and place a label in the middle of each craft stick.

I have lots of crafting plans this week, so I’m hopeful to have more to share for next week’s Monday Made-It.  Have a great start to the week!

New Suns Room Decoration

Classroom Set-Up, Phoenix Suns

I started and finished one of my summer craft projects today. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a huge Suns fan.  Huge may be an understatement – I love the Phoenix Suns! Since I love the Phoenix Suns and basketball so much, I’ve used it as the theme in my classroom.  In addition to it being my classroom theme and decor, we also practice a lot of math skills with Suns info and stats (still more to come on this later). 

So, today’s project was a little Suns decoration for my classroom.  I took a 12×12 shadow box from Michael’s, basketball texture paper from Michaels (this paper is awesome), a Suns ticket, and a Suns program.  I used glue dots for the basketball paper and ticket and used hot glue to glue down the program. Very easy craft and very cute decoration to put up in a month or so!