Work In Progress – Classroom Update – Day #4

Classroom Set-Up

So, here’s the latest installment of my classroom updates.  Today was the fourth day working in my classroom and I went in ready to be productive and actually was lol.   Funny how putting up a few bulletins and moving the desks makes it seem more like classroom.  Here’s the latest…(again – work in progress)

Lit Station Signs and Reading Bulletin

Math Bulletin for Math Common Core Vocab

Math Stations Signs and the number line that took me forever to get just right.

Don’t mind the messy desk – I still have a lot of cleaning to do.  Calendar area for Math

Another bulletin – Data Wall eventually

Classroom Leaders (class jobs) – Once I get my class list I’ll have student names up here. Makes it super easy to switch jobs each week.

At my new school, they have a number of bulletin board requirements. Since there is only so much wall space I decided to divide this one bulletin I made into 3.  The first one is for MVP (Most Valuable Player) or my version of Student of the Week to fit in with my basketball theme.

All Star Work – clothespins to clip up student work
Reading Common Core Vocab Board and Thinking Maps now posted!

One view of the room from my front door. Finally got my desks grouped where I want them. Again, lots of clutter and stuff, but that’ll be cleaned up by the time kiddos arrive next Monday.

View from the other side of the room

Awesome gift bag door prize that I got at my new benefits meeting.  I got a teacher cart (not pictured) and a bunch of supplies – notebooks, binders, markers, crayons, Expo markers, Kleenex, etc.  I was so excited to win this great door prize.
Hope everyone else had a good Monday!
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