3 Strategies to Make Planning for a Sub Easier

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Ugh…planning for a substitute teacher. Is there a task that teachers dread more? I don’t know about you, but planning for a sub is one of my least favorite teacher tasks, which is why I came up with 3 ways to make planning for a sub easier! Check out these 3 ideas below…

Sub Planning Idea #1 – Substitute Teacher Binder

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Before the school year begins or now, create a substitute teacher binder for your subs. This binder will be the subs one stop shop for all info needed. Once you create this binder you’ll just need to update it each year with new student info. This is a great way to be organized and ready for a sub at a moment’s notice! Here are a few things I include: class list, important school phone numbers, maps, specific behavior information, seating charts, and more.  To learn more about my Substitute Teacher Binder, click HERE.

Sub Planning Idea #2 – Google Doc Templates

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With a young child at home, I tend to have a lot of last minute sub requests that can’t be planned for in advance.  I have created daily templates in Google Docs that have saved me so much time especially when I’m typing sub plans at the last second or in the middle of the night with a sick child.  

In Google Docs, I created a template of plans for each day of the week (since each day our schedule varies a bit). In this template, I put in specials, pull-out classes, lunch, recess, times of specific subjects, etc.  For each of these areas I add notes and information that would be applicable any day of the week. Then, I leave the rest blank. 

When I need to create sub plans, I copy the template page and then fill in the specifics. This has saved me so much time since I’m not starting from scratch.

Sub Planning Idea #3 – Emergency Sub Plans

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Somehow I did not have emergency sub plans until this year – which is crazy – I know! I highly suggest searching on TPT for emergency sub plans for your grade level. There are a variety of options out there.  These are great to already have printed, copied, and saved in a special place for when you need it. They come in handy for those last minute substitute teacher situations.

Substitute Teacher Binder Cheat Sheet FREEBIE

Photo of Sub Binder Cheat Sheet FREEBIE

Here is a FREEBIE with all of the great things to include in your substitute teacher binder! This quick reference will help you figure out what to include in your own binder to make your life and your substitute teacher’s life much easier! Click HERE for your own Sub Binder Cheat Sheet.

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