Classroom Reveal 2014-15

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I’m so excited to share my photos from my new classroom. I’m going to warn you, there’s a lot.  Last Sunday I moved into my new school and new classroom. And….I….love….it! There are windows.  Not just one – but four! It’s amazing how having windows makes the room so much brighter, warm, and more inviting.  The other cool thing is that I’m on the 2nd floor and out two of my windows I have an awesome view of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Here we go….

Outside Bulletins in the Hallway

Welcome Bulletin for Orientation

Now, the inside…

Love that kids can each have their own cubby and there are also hooks for backpacks.
My classroom library space
Classroom supplies (in the cubbies)

My teacher workspace/desk and small group area

I’m super lucky that we have extremely small classes.  I have only 16 kiddos. I’ve always had 20-24, but this school keeps them very small, which I’m going to like!

Essential Questions boards – can use an Expo marker to write the essential questions and change them as needed.

White board with projector. I’m going to use the pocket charts below the white board for our vocabulary words.

Writing table area. I’m going to eventually use this for a writing station.

Math Area – Math Bulletin board (blank spot is for anchor charts created as a class). Bucketfilling area below…

My teacher books that I use for lessons organized by skill or topic.

I also love that we have a closet here with shelves. Nice to have storage options. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my classroom space. I met my kiddos yesterday at Orientation and they are so cute! I can tell we’re going to have a great year together!

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