Tying Up Loose Ends – Writing Workshop Wednesdays

If you missed the first six parts of Writing Workshop Wednesdays…click below to catch up.
Today is a super quick post with one last thing I wanted to share.  I also would love to answer any questions and comments you have about Writing Workshop – so please comment in the comments section!
Spotlight Bulletin Board
One thing I did this year was a spotlight section on my Writing Bulletin Board.  The majority of my Writing Bulletin Board had writing anchor charts, but I saved a small section for a spotlight board.  The spotlight board showcased student work that had excelled in the area we were focusing on. One of the first spotlight boards I used last year was for adding details.  So I had a little page that said Spotlight On: Adding Details. Then, I would hang up a few student samples of kiddos who really had done a good job of focusing on that area.  I liked this because it was a way to showcase student work. It also was a great motivator.  Students wanted their work up there so they were more attentive to our specific focus.  I also had spotlight boards for – word choice, using capital letters, using end marks, using commas, and more.
Thank you for stopping by today to see the last few pieces and ideas for Writing Workshop.
Thank you also for checking out my Writing Workshop Wednesdays series over the last few weeks. If you have any questions about Writing Workshop, feel free to email me or leave the question in the comments section and I will respond!

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Picture of four writing checklists.
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