Teacher Week – Wednesday – Organizing for Instruction


I survived the first day of New Teacher Training for my new district. Man, those meetings are long though. I forget how overwhelming it is to be new somewhere.

Anyways, I’ve been looking forward to this all day and have even spent some time daydreaming during training about what I would share with you all today – time to link up for Wednesday’s Teacher Week 2013 – Organizing for Instruction over at Blog Hoppin’.  Now, as I mentioned yesterday – I love my labels and my storage containers. I should seriously buy stock in Sterilite with how many of their tubs and containers I have. See below for some organization ideas from my classroom…

One of my favorite organizational items I started using a few years ago is my TEAMS (Teaching Everyone About Management Skills) binders. These take-home binders are a favorite of mine and I love how it helps keep me organized and how it teaches kids to be organized.  See the picture below and check out my old blog entry on how I set them up here.
At the beginning of the post I mentioned my absolute love for labels.  This picture below gives you a quick glimpse into how I organize community supplies for students. 
I know it’s not a close-up, but this is the best picture I have.  I haven’t set it up in my new classroom yet, so you’ll have to see it in action in my old classroom.
For younger kids, I’m a big fan of shared classroom supplies, but I also want easy access for them.  On each table above, you’ll see a Target shower caddy that I bought a few years ago during all of their college sales. Inside each bin I have 5 orange cups with picture and word labels.  I have a cup for pencils, glue, scissors, markers, and white board markers. The kids get really good about putting things in the right spot which makes for a clean classroom and a happy teacher.  They also put their box of crayons with their name on it in the black shower caddy and I have a sock eraser for white boards for each student in there too.  I found this has worked really well for me in the past and it provides everyone with the supplies they need right at their fingertips.
Thanks for stopping by to check out my organization ideas. I always love learning new tips and tricks to keep things organized so I’m excited to check out everyone else’s posts!
I’m off to bed – another day of training tomorrow for me. Night everyone!

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