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One of my goals for 2018 was to have more balance in my life and try to leave work at work. Now this also refers to trying not to think about and take home all of the stresses and problems from the day, but I’m still working on that part.  One thing that has helped me balance the actual physical work is a little schedule. Each week I have many of the same tasks to accomplish especially in terms of lesson planning and preparing for the upcoming week. So I created a little schedule to keep myself on track. It has helped me not take work home – especially on the weekends which is in turn helping me find balance.

The nice thing about my schedule is I can add on any other tasks I have that week. Trust me – the above list is not the only items I have on my to do list each day. I typically have 12 or more items each day to do – just for school.  But, the items above are ones that I do on those set days week after week. It’s helped keep me on track with weekly type tasks, which in turn has made it easier for me to leave work at work.

Do you use a routine or set schedule with your school tasks?  Comment below with your tips and suggestions!

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