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Differentiation in WW – Tip #6 – Editing Checklists

Writing Workshop

Today I’m sharing with you some ways you can differentiate during Writing Workshop using editing checklists.

Editing is always a part of the writing process no matter what program you use.  To help students through the editing process, I like to provide them with an editing checklist.  This helps remind them of what they should be looking for and focused on.  I change this up throughout the school year.  In Trimester 1, I have a few items on there, but as we continue through the school year and learn different skills the list grows.

Trimester 1 Editing Checklist

Trimester 2 Editing Checklist

Checklists can also be differentiated.  You could make checklists based on certain goals or skills a child is working on. You could create a picture type checklist for students who struggle with reading.  You could create a more challenging checklist with higher level skills on it for students who are ready for a challenge.  You don’t have to use the same checklist for everyone.

In Lucy Calkin’s Units of Studies, she provides checklist options.  I have given some students who needed more assistance the checklist from the grade level below because it met their needs.  I’ve also given some children the checklist from the grade above because they were ready for those skills.  Checklists don’t have to be one size fits all!

Thanks for checking out my post on differentiating checklists.  On Thursday I will be sharing differentiation ideas with class anchor charts.


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