End of the School Year – Tip #1


Since the end of the school year is quickly approaching for us, I wanted to start a brief Wednesday blog series exploring some of my favorite End of the School Year Tips.

So here is Tip #1….
Lists, Lists, and More Lists…

I know this might sound like an easy one and I’m sure most of us do it, but lists are what help keep me sane most of the year, but especially at the end of the school year.  The end of school tends to bring up lots of deadlines and due dates for teachers, meetings, conferences, assemblies, presentations, performances, etc. It can be hard to keep it all straight! I rely on my planner, to do list, and the app – Wunderlist.

Again – super simple – but your planner. I have all of the performances, activities, dates, due dates, etc written down in here. This time of year if it’s not written down, I probably won’t remember to do it.  This planner page is still pretty open – just wait because I know it’ll fill up.

I love and live by my To Do lists.  I write a new one each day. I have a long list on the app Wunderlist and then pull items as needed from it to my to do list in my planner.  This to do list is my must do for that day. I put my school stuff at the top and personal/TPT stuff at the bottom.

I use Wunderlist to keep a longer list going. Since it’s an app it’s with me all of the time and I can add to it wherever I am.  This is a free app that allows you to make different lists and check things off as you do it. It also makes a beautiful dinging sound when you check something off that is rather satisfying.  I use it for a longer school list. I have a separate home list, grocery list, TPT list, etc.  I’ve also started a list of things to do over the summer for school. I highly recommend this! I keep getting ideas of things I want to do or do differently next year and know I won’t remember them. So I add them to my summer list! And then, this summer, I can go through and get started!

How do you keep track of all of the end of the year craziness? Write me in the comments below.
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