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I have a new freebie up in my TPT Store (Jordan Johnson). This week one of our reading skills/grammar skills was to review compound words. Since I know most of my students have a general understanding of compound words, I made up a quick game to make practicing fun and get them up and moving.
Each student had one part of a compound word.  Then, while the music played, students walked around the room switching cards with people as they passed. When the music stopped, they had to find their match.  For example – basket needed to find the student who had the word ball. Then, everyone read their compound word out loud.  We played this a few times.  It was a quick way to review the skill and much more entertaining then doing a grammar page in a workbook.
Check out what’s included in my freebie. It can be found in my TPT store, here….
24 Cards are Included

Hope everyone is having a nice 3-day weekend!

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