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For years, I’ve wanted to make an end of the year slideshow as a gift for each student and for years, something has always gotten in the way.  Although this year I was leaving my school and AZ and was super busy, I decided this was the year I had to try to do it.  My colleagues recommended using the program Smilebox and there suggestion was spot on.  Smilebox is a free program.  Like any other program, the fancier you want to get, you can pay for the upgrades.  I found a cute school slideshow, imported my pictures from the school year, added captions, added music, and VOILA – instant slideshow.  When I was all done, I burned each student a DVD copy so they had one to take home with them.  The last day of school we watched it as a class and the kiddos loved it! They also were so excited that they could take a copy home and watch it on their own. I also got positive feedback from parents. I would definitely do this project again since it is a great way to wrap up a school year full of memories.

For more information on Smilebox – go here.

1st Day of School Pictures

First Day of School, Pictures

I saw this cute frame on Pinterest and just had to make one for the pictures that I take on the first day of school.  I got the frame and purple paint at Michael’s and the cute polka dot letters at Lakeshore.  Recommendation – I made this with one of my kindergarten teacher friends – use spray paint. She used spray paint and her’s looked better and was done way faster. I opted for painting mine and let’s just say it took a very long time to get it looking how I wanted.