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Favorite Bulletin Board of All Time – Instagram

Bulletin Boards

I have two bulletins outside my classroom in the hall.  Last year, I used both to display student work and used ribbon and clothespins to make change-out easy. It was sometimes difficult to always have two new things  to display in the hall. I’ve seen many different variations of the timeline or Instagram bulletin on Pinterest and blogs and decided to take all the ideas and turn it into what worked for me.  This might be my favorite bulletin of all time. I did show this during my classroom reveal but it was empty at the time.

Here’s what it looks like now:
I know you can’t really see the pictures, but for obvious reasons we have to be careful with photos online. We’re only allowed to post them on parent sites that have secure log-ins.  You’ll see I also add a hashtag for each photo to give a tiny explanation as to what was going on.
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American Symbols Bulletin

Bulletin Boards, Social Studies, Thinking Maps

My student teacher came up with a great idea to display some of the different activities we completed with each American Symbol.  Below you will see the circle map for each symbol and a few examples of the activities that went along with each symbol.


All Star Work Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards

I love displaying student work in the classrom. To go along with my theme, my student work bulletin is titled “All Star Work.” This year, I decided to make the bulletin a little differently.  Instead of using the typical boring, old clothespins…I decided to cover the clothespins with scrapbook paper (a little idea I found on my favorite site Pinterest). So, I first picked my scrapbook paper and then put some mod podge on the clothespin and laid it down on the scrapbook paper.  Once it was dry, I cut around the clothespin as closely as possible.

Here’s what the clothespin ended up looking like…much cuter than the basic clothespin.

Below is a picture of the finished bullein board. I got the scrapbook paper and ribbon from JoAnn’s. I got the All Star Work sign from Vistaprint (post to come later on this).  The thing I love about using clothespins to display work is that it makes it so easy to change out work weekly. Before I used to staple up work and it took forever to take it down and put the next project up.

Classroom Update – Still a work in progress

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Today was a day I got quite a bit done in the classroom to set up for the upcoming year, which is fast approaching.  Too fast if you ask me. It feels like summer just started.  Today’s goal was to get the bulletin boards ready. While nothing is done, and please be kind as this is still a work in progress, below are some pictures from today.  I love the new borders I found at Lakeshore. They have some pretty cute stuff out there! 

Calendar Area.  The blank spot will hold the Math Stations Anchor Chart that we’ll make together the first week of school.
Love, love, love this striped border. My favorite Lakeshore purchase the other day.  This board will hold our reading charts and sound/spellings.
Also love this border. This will soon have the letters “Slam Dunk Into Reading” (still need to punch the letters out).  This will hold reading anchor charts.
This is my bucket-filling board. This is a major work in progress as I need to fix the ribbons a bit.  I covered the clothespins with scrapbook paper and used cute purple ribbon.  Above it I plan to put a chart with “Bucket Fillers” and “Bucket Dippers” that we’ll also make together that first week or two of school.
Stay tuned for more set-up pictures to come….