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Those of you that already know me, know that I love a good room transformation! I enjoy using them all year long and found a great one to use at the beginning of the school year to get your students/recruits in tip top shape! This boot camp classroom transformation is a fun one because it gets students engaged from the get go!

After doing a few different room transformations my first year, I knew I wanted to do one to kick off the start of school. Something to really get the kids interested and engaged! That’s when I decided why not do a Back to School Boot Camp. This boot camp theme could be used for back to school or anytime of year – would also be a great review theme.


Picture of bulletin board with camo letters that say Fort Johnson and Boot Camp Classroom Transformation signs.

For decorations I bought some items on Amazon and also made some of the items. I covered the tables in camo tablecloths. On the wall, I created signs that said Fort Johnson and boot camp signs such as – Are you Boot Camp strong? Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Back to School Boot Camp, and more. I also got each child a camouflage dog tag that they could wear during boot camp. To see other fun decorations, check out my Amazon storefront > HERE.

Costume/Dress Up Ideas:

I was Sargent Johnson for the day. I got this super cute Skill Sargent shirt from Lipstick and Littles. She has so many amazing teacher tees!

Picture of Sargent J dressed up in the Skill Sargent t-shirt

Boot Camp Chant

During our Morning Meeting as I took on my role as Sargent and explained to them that they were all Cadets for the day, I taught them this chant I created/changed up from one of the typical military songs/chants.

I don’t know, but I’ve been told. (students repeat)

Sargent J’s kids are as good as gold. (students repeat)

With our brains and hard work we grew. (students repeat)

We’re a bright and ready crew. (students repeat)

Sound off – Students (1,2)

Sound off – Students (3,4)

Sound off – Students (1, 2, 3, 4 – 3, 4)

Boat Challenge

This activity is probably my favorite one of Boot Camp Classroom Transformation. For this activity, students are given the challenge to create a boat that can float and support the weight of a toy soldier. Students worked in groups and had a packet to fill out to help guide them through the process.

First, they brainstormed ideas and then drew a design plan. Next, they wrote down what materials they thought they would need from a list of materials that I had available. We used items like foil, popsicle sticks, and masking tape, but you could use any items you have on hand. Then, they wrote the steps they were going to follow to create the boat and then they created it. After everyone had their boat we tested them out. I took a large storage bin and filled it with water and we tested it in front of the whole class. Some boats did well and some boats struggled. When we finished testing them, all students filled out the reflection page on the experience and what went well and what they would do differently next time.

Picture of the class testing our boats for Boot Camp Classroom Transformation.

You can grab this activity in my TPT store. I have a digital, print, and bundled version of both. Click below to check it out.

Printable Boat Boot Camp Activity

Digital Boat Boot Camp Activity

Bundle of Print and Digital Boat Boot Camp Activity

Boot Camp Math

Photo of Boot Camp Math task cards.

It wouldn’t be boot camp if we didn’t include a workout! This math workout was another favorite of my cadets on boot camp day. Students were given problems either via task cards or digitally through Google Classroom™. Once they solved the problem they had to complete the workout activity listed on the card. These practice problems focused on addition and subtraction to 20 and adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. This was a great way to do a quick formative assessment on my students’ math skills and also a fun way to get them up and moving. Some of my cadets took it so seriously they continued working out even when they finished!

These problems are ready for you to use with your class in my TPT store. You can grab them below.

Print Math Boot Camp Practice

Digital Math Boot Camp Practice

Bundle of Print and Digital Math Boot Camp Practice

Boot Camp Writing

Writing is a skill that my students always need more practice with especially at the beginning of the school year. So for the writing activity for our Boot Camp Classroom Transformation, students took very simple boring sentences and had to add to them to improve them. The goal was to add details and description to make each sentence better. The printable version is also great to use as an Around the Room activity to get the kids up and out of their seats.

You can grab this writing activity in my TPT store – it’s already done for you and ready to go!

Print Writing Boot Camp Practice

Digital Writing Boot Camp Practice

Bundle of Print and Digital Writing Boot Camp Practice

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