A Make Your Day Moment


You know those moments in life you have that just make your day- well I had one a week or two ago courtesy of my second grade teacher. Yes you read that correctly my teacher. Here’s the back story…

My new school has a blog and they were featuring new teachers on it. We had a questionnaire to fill out with all the basic teacher questions. And in why I teach I talked about how my second grade teacher, Mrs. Stolley, inspired me to go into teaching. 
Well my sweet mom sent my blog post to Mrs. Stolley and Mrs. Stolley wrote me this sweet note back. 

So this goes for all teachers – we make a difference in kids lives and they will remember you. Even 21 years after the fact. I’m so grateful that Mrs. Stolley was such an amazing teacher that I wanted to be one myself. She always made it look so fun and was the kindest person.  So on those hard days teaching (and there are many) remember why you got into it and know you’re making a difference. 
There’s my little pep talk for a Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great week!
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