4 Ways to Use Beblox in the Elementary Classroom

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4 Ways to Use Beblox in Your Classroom

Beblox are a fun and education tool that your students will love. They provide an opportunity for your students to collaborate with one another. It promotes problem solving and a growth mindset. It also gives students a chance to use their creativity and imagination to create and build. Keep reading to see 4 ways you can use them in your elementary classroom.

Soft Start

Photo of a Beblox car with bright colors

Many schools begin their school day with a soft start. Beblox are a wonderful activity to add in to your soft start work stations.  Using a soft start activity like Beblox provides students an opportunity to ease into the school day, practice SEL skills, all while inspiring them to use their creativity! It’s a win – win – win!  


Photo of Beblox in a clear container.

Many schools and classrooms have a Makerspace area. Beblox are the perfect addition to that space! They foster creativity, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. It provides practice with fine motor skills and gives students a chance to collaborate with the blocks and build creations together.

Fun Friday

Photo of Beblox manual, car, and pieces

My students always look forward to Fun Friday each week. Beblox are a great option for their Fun Friday activities. Students can recreate some of the items from the Beblox manual or work together to come up with their own towers, mazes, and creations. Click HERE for more Fun Friday Ideas.

Indoor Recess

Photo of Beblox manual and car created with blocks

Indoor recess doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience for teachers. Pull out your set of Beblox blocks and let your students explore and create! They are a great option for one of your indoor or rainy day recess activities. Your students can work together to build fun and exciting creations.

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If you’re interested in grabbing Beblox for your own classroom, click HERE.

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