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So this is a little detour from my typical teacher posts. I am a new mom to a 12 week old baby boy named Lucas. This is my first baby and I was super overwhelmed when it came time to fill out the baby registry. I had no idea what I would really need and what was unnecessary. There are so many baby items out there it can be hard to decide which items are must haves. So to help out – I have decided to share with you my 10 Must-Have Baby Items for your registry. Lucas and I have personally tested out these items and I highly recommend them! I have linked them on Amazon (affiliate links) so you can check out my favorites.

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Baby Item #1 – Boppy Newborn Lounger

The Boppy Newborn Lounger honestly was the best baby gift. Funny enough when I put it on the registry I wasn’t sure it was something I really needed, but boy was I wrong. Lucas loves sitting in what we call his elephant chair. He loves to sit in it, play in it, and nap in it (fully supervised). What I like about it is it is portable, can go on a couch, can go on an ottoman, and can go on the floor. I highly recommend adding it to your registry.

Picture of baby in Newborn Lounger

Baby Item #2 – Infant Optics Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics Baby Monitor is another one of my favorite baby items. This monitor has great sound and amazing picture quality. As a new mom I’m constantly checking to make sure he’s ok and this monitor allows me to do that. At night, the picture is clear and you can even move the lens around to keep up with where your baby is at in the crib. It also has a feature where you can push a button and talk to the baby through the camera in their room. I know this will come in handy as Lucas gets older.

Picture of Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Baby Item #3 – Graco Pack and Play

The Graco Pack and Play is a must! The one we have includes a changing area for newborns, bassinet level, and lower level to use like a playpen as your baby grows. We have a 2 story house so Lucas uses the crib upstairs and the pack and play downstairs.

Picture of Grace Pack and Play

Baby Item #4 – Hatch Sound Machine

The Hatch Sound Machine is great for night time. It has many different sounds (we like the white noise option) and light colors. I love that you can control it from the app on your phone. I can use the app to turn it on and off, change the volume and sound, and change the color and brightness. This will also grow with him as I’ve seen people use the lights as an alarm clock for their toddlers.

Picture of Hatch Sound Machine

Baby Item #5 – Love to Dream Swaddle

Lucas loves the Love to Dream Swaddle. We did try traditional swaddles first, but Lucas loves to have his hands by his face and he found a way to break out of the swaddle. This zip up allows him to keep his hands near his face, but also still helps with the startle reflex. I also love the double zipper which makes nighttime diaper changes easy.

Picture of baby in Love to Dream Swaddle

Baby Item #6 – Oogie Bear

The Oogie Bear is the best tool to keep your little one’s ears and nose clean. I know some people swear by the Frida nose thing, but to be honest, it just grosses me out. The Oogie Bear does the trick and it seems more sanitary.

Picture of Oogie Bear

Baby Item #7 – Fisher Price 4-in-1 Bath Tub

The Fisher Price 4-in-1 Bath is another baby item that can grow with Lucas. It has a sling for him to sit in as a newborn and 3 more stages for him to use as he grows! Right now we use this with our kitchen sink but as he gets older it could definitely also go in the bathtub.

Picture of baby in Fisher Price bath

Baby Item #8 – Skip Hop Diaper Backpack

The Skip Hop Diaper Bag is the perfect size for a diaper bag. I have enough room to keep everyone he needs without feeling like I’m lugging around a suitcase. I definitely think a backpack is the way to go for a diaper bag. It’s definitely easier to carry when you’re also trying to carry your little one.

Picture of Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Baby Item #9 – JJ Cole Diaper Change Clutch

The JJ Cole Diaper Change Clutch was a recommendation from another mom friend. Although we haven’t gone out much due to COVID (or really at all) it is still a great purchase. We took a road trip and this has been perfect for changing Lucas in the car. I like that it’s larger in size then most changing pads and it has a spot for you to put a diaper and wipes to make it easy to use when you’re out and about.

Picture of diaper changing pad
Picture of diaper change clutch

Baby Item #10 – Skip Hop Activity Gym

Lucas loves playing with his Skip Hop Activity Gym. The bright colors catch his attention and he enjoys hitting, grabbing, and kicking the different items that light up and play music.

Picture of baby actuvity gym

Thank you for checking out my baby must-haves!!

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