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Dot Day Ideas for the Classroom

Room Transformations
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What is Dot Day?

Dot Day is celebrated September 15th-ish.  This fun day focuses on Peter Reynold’s book – The Dot.  The Dot is a fantastic read aloud that focuses on the importance of growth mindset! I love doing a mini room transformation to celebrate! Check out what I do below…


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Photo of dot tablecloth from Amazon for Dot Day Classroom Ideas decorations

I keep decorations very simple for this day! I created a little sign that I hang in the hall (which you can grab for FREE>>> HERE) and then I also use a few dot items from Amazon.  I grab a few of these tablecloths (in picture) to hang on bulletin boards and then use the sticker dots all around the room (the set I had did easily come off the wall – but always check before using!).

The Dot – Discussion Questions

Photo of book The Dot, Dot candy, and toothpicks.

After reading The Dot to your students, here are a few ideas for discussion questions or writing prompts…

-How did Vashti change from the beginning to the end of the story?

-How did Vashti inspire the little boy?

-How can you make your mark on the world?
-What advice would you tell a friend who tells you that they can’t do something?

-How can you be creative?

-How can you be unique?

Dot Math Activities

Photo of Dot candy and math activity for Dot Day Classroom Ideas.

On Dot Day, students use Dot candy to complete math activities. I first have students take their box or bag (sometimes I take the boxes and divide it up among students) and estimate how many candies they think they have. Then we brainstorm and come up with ideas for the best way to count and see how many we actually have.

Once we have our total, students then create a graph of the different colors they have in their candy box.  We sort the candy, fill out a chart, and then use it to create a bar graph.

If you are interested in these math activities, I have this resource already created for you! You can grab them here…

Printable Dot Candy Math Activities

Digital Dot Candy Math Activities – using Google Slides™

Printable and Digital Dot Candy Math Activities Bundle

Dot Coffee Filters

Students can use their creativity to make their own dot! Give each child a coffee filter and have them color it with markers. When they are finished, lightly spray it with a squirt bottle and watch a beautiful design be made!

Dot Structures

Dot Day structure using Dot candy

This activity is always a favorite in my room. For this STEAM activity, students are creating their own structure out of Dot candy and toothpicks.  I have had students work in groups, with a partner, or by themselves – so do what works best for your classroom. 

Prior to building, students could brainstorm and draw their design draft on a white board.  Some years our structure has had a theme and some years it’s been up to them! Last year, we had just finished reading the story Pop’s Bridge so students created their own bridge structure using the candy! I love seeing all of the amazing designs the kids come up with!

Happy Dot Day Sign FREEBIE!

Free Happy Dot Day Sign

If you’d like to grab my Dot Day sign for FREE, click HERE! I hang this sign up in the hall, but you could use it anywhere in your classroom! It says, “HAPPY DOT DAY!”

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For more information and ideas, check out the International Dot Day Website >>> HERE.