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During the last week of school, I decided to take a little detour from our typical writing pieces. Throughout the year, we have spent a lot of time on personal narratives and have worked on some stories with a direct prompt.  With it being the last week, I decided to have a little fun with it.  Instead of writing a personal narrative or to one specific prompt, each kid had a different “what if” prompt.  Prompts included…

  • What if you were principal?
  • What if you lived on Mars?
  • What if kids were the parents?
  • What if people never slept?
  • What if people had 3 arms?
  • What if you were the teacher?
  • What if kids had to work?

The best response I had was for the prompt – “What if money grew on trees?”  I’m a huge Phoenix Suns fan, which the kids know (a post will come later with info on how I use the Suns in my classroom) and also a huge Steve Nash fan.  The kids are very well aware of this as you will see in the following two pages of that student’s story. She has me living in a mansion in DisneyWorld and Steve Nash lives with me. Then, on the following page, she’s using the money that grows on trees to buy me a wedding dress and cake for my wedding with Steve Nash lol.  I love how kids pick up on things! It was too funny! Our whole class got a huge laugh out of it.

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