Valentine’s Party Recap


I wanted to share our Valentine’s Party with the blogging world. I’ve done the same Minute to Win It Games the last few years and it’s gone amazing! The kids always have fun!

Here are my super cute Valentine’s for the kiddos. I got the tag from Glitter and Glue K-2 on TPT.  They turned out super cute!

My students did the traditional Valentine’s passing of the cards. Here are two of the cutest boxes.  How cute is that mailbox!! So creative!
I found the Minute to Win It Games on Makoodle.  You can find more info…here

I split my students up into 4 teams.  The winning team gets to pick our brain breaks on GoNoodle for the next week. They were very excited to hear the prize! They also came up with some very interesting team names which you’ll see below…

Heart Stack – the students had to create the tallest stack of hearts in one minute.
Candy Corn Stick Up – see who could stand up the most candy corns in one minute
Marshmallow Toss – Who can toss the most marshmallows into the bowl in one minute – this one gets quite messy!
Candy Pick Up – using the chopsticks – kids had to move as much candy as they could from one plate to the other…
Heart Relay – Relay race with conversation hearts
As I mentioned above, the kids were quite creative in coming up with their team names.  Fluffy Pickles ended up winning and will get to pick brain breaks for the next week!
What activities do you do at your Valentine’s Party? Comment below….
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