The Quiet Game



Now I’m aware this might be a teacher trick you already know…but if you don’t – you’re going to love it! Way back when I was a brand new baby teacher one of my colleagues had her class playing the quiet game while they were waiting in the hall for PE to start. I asked her what this game was about – and it was so easy – it was amazing!

So, I use the quiet game when we are waiting in line typically for a special.  To play the quiet game, the students need to be quiet, facing forward, and have their hands to themselves. I then walk up and down the line and find the student who is being the best example of a student standing in line. I tap them on the shoulder and then they get to pick the next student who is standing perfectly in line.  This continues on and on until the special’s teacher is ready for them.

Now, I know you’re thinking…that’s it?? It is. And they love it! Every group – first, second, and third grade has loved it.  They actually ask me to play it.  I sometimes think to myself they’ll get sick of it because there is really no prize or set winner, but they don’t!

And the best part of all is it helps with transitions to other classes and hallway behavior.

Have you played it before?? Let me know in the comments below!

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