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We’ve begun to talk about money in 2nd grade. Now, before I started my money unit, I gave my students a pre-test to see where we are at and what we knew. I found a great pre-test on Teachers Pay Teachers.  So, I gave the pre-test and found out quickly that we really don’t know money and that we were going to have to start from square 1. 

So, we began by identifying coins and their values.  We used a bubble map for each coin – penny, nickel, dime, and quarter and described things we knew about that coin.

We then practiced coins by coin type. Counting pennies by ones, nickels by fives, dimes by tens, etc.  I came up with a few practice pages to see how the kids were grasping the counting. On these practice pages, I included some with the coins, some with words, and a story problem since the 2nd grade standard primarily focuses on story problems.

We also watched some Brainpop Jr movies on money and read the story How Much is a Million.
We definitely still have work to do with money to get where we need to be to cover the 2nd Grade Common Core Standard, but we’re getting a little closer each day.
Happy Friday!
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