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Math Idea for Introducing Line Plots

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Line Plots can be a tricky data analysis skill to teach, but to be honest – it’s one of my favorites! The more practice kids get with this math skill the better! Today I’m sharing with you an easy line plot idea you can use with your class!

Line Plot Idea

Photo of Number of Years at Our School Line Plot

As with all graphing standards I love to create graphs with my students and line plots are no exception! I love to use this question for one of our first line plots – How long have you been at our school? Now, depending on your school the data could range. One of the schools I taught at had preschool and pre-k so by 2nd grade some of the students had been there 5 years.  

After I pose the question, students can either verbally respond and I’ll chart their answer or they can respond on sticky notes. Sticky notes are a great idea at first because then you can work as a class to organize the data and come up with a good way to sort it (this is where the line plot comes in).

We then set the line plot up based on our numbers and each x represents one student’s answer. After creating this chart, I ask a variety of questions for the students to answer using the data for the line plot.

Here are a few questions I ask…

  • How many students attended for 1 (2, 3, 4, etc) years?
  • Which number of years had the most?
  • Which number of years had the least?
  • How many students were surveyed?
  • Did more students attend 2 or 3 years?
  • How many more/fewer students attended 4 years than 1 year?
  • How many students attended 2 years or more?

Line Plot Practice

Photo of Line Plot Activity from Team J's Classroom Fun TPT Store

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Photo of Line Plot FREEBIE

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