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5 Best Fidgets for the Classroom

Classroom Management
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Teachers – do some of your students have difficulty sitting still especially during lessons and read aloud? Today I’m sharing five fidgets for the classroom.  

I have noticed as the years have gone by, more and more students are struggling with inattentiveness.  I’ve also noticed that the use of a quiet fidget can sometimes help keep students focused on the lesson while also not distracting anyone around them.  And, I’ll be completely honest – I was never a huge fan of fidgets. I was worried they would be a distraction and cause more issues. However, for some of my students – fidgets have been very helpful!

See my top 5 fidgets for the classroom below. This may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

Fidgets for the Classroom – Idea #1 – Wiki Stixs

Words Wiki Stix with photo of different colored Wiki Stix - fidgets for the classroom.

Wiki Stixs are great for many reasons, but they also make a very quiet and small fidget.  Students have enjoyed using these because they can twist them, turn them into shapes, and re-use them again and again. I, as a teacher, like Wiki Stixs because they are quiet and small so they aren’t super disruptive to everyone else. 

Fidgets for the Classroom – Idea #2 – Sensipod Desk Fidget from Bouncy Bands

Photo of blue Sensi Pod desk fidget.

This tool from Bouncy Bands is great for tables and desks, but can also be brought down the carpet or to a small group table. For students who like sensory input with different textures – this fidget has them all. Again it’s super quiet, but I also like that it offers 4 different textures to meet different student’s needs.

Fidgets for the Classroom – Idea #3 – Playdoh

Words playdough with photo of child's hands by multiple balls of playdough.

Playdoh is another quiet and easy item to use as a fidget in the classroom (as long as you go over ground rules of not smushing it into the carpet – learn from me). Students can squish it, roll it, turn it into things, etc. It’s not too expensive and can be used in a variety of spots in the classroom.

Fidgets for the Classroom – Idea #4 – Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys

Photo of colorful snap and click fidgets. Fidgets for the classroom.

My students absolutely love the snap and click fidgets! They typically are the first fidgets gone from the container each day. They have fun colors, can be changed into different shapes, and can be taken apart and snapped back together. They are also quiet, which again makes it a great tool and option for the classroom.

Fidgets for the Classroom – Idea #5 – Boxgear Fidgets

Picture of colorful fidgets

This fidget from Boxgear is another favorite in my classroom! This fidget can be twisted, pulled apart, put back together, etc! It’s quiet and it has many different ways you can pull it apart – so the novelty does not wear off. It comes in a 6 pack so you have a variety of color choicess for this awesome classroom fidget option.

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